Modern Wood Collection

Don’t be fooled by imitators! The wood overlay garage door is a Door Tech original. It all started with a customers request for an affordable wood garage door. Since then we have developed a whole product line dedicated to wood cladding.  We start with a high quality 2″ thick insulated garage door section and then both chemically and mechanically fasten the wood of your choosing to the exterior. We use a proprietary adhesive designed specifically for this purpose. This ensures your wood clad garage door lasts a lifetime.

What customers are saying.

Great service. Best price we could find. Luke is a champ; I remodel houses and he has become my garage guy
tonypolk, Investor
The owner Luke is one of the most professional, thoughtful and detailed people I have come across. The company does A+ work at a very competitive price. Having dealt with MANY remodeling projects, his company is one that I KNOW you will not be disappointed. He shows up when he commits, he will work with you on the smallest details, and he communicates very very well.
mlittle11, Homeowner
Luke and his team were great. Best possible company I could have hired to install a custom glass garage door.
garneatac, Homeowner
This company is great! They came out when they said they would, very fair pricing and did a wonderful job on my new garage door. Very professional employees! Thank you!
NCumbee, Homeowner
I am a custom home builder and have been using Luke and his team for many years. We deal with some of the pickiest homeowners around and the garage doors always turn out perfect. The few times we had issues Luke was quick to get on it and resolve the matter. Great guy. Great Company.
JHatch, Contractor

Why Choose Wood Overlay?

Same beauty as solid wood and more cost effective.

Why Choose Western Red Cedar?

Cedar is one of the best outdoor wood species. It has many natural qualities that make it resistant to rot, bugs, and mildew.

Why Choose Factory Stain?

Through trial and error we have developed the best staining system for all climates.
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Modern Wood Garage Garage Door Design Options

Our modern wood overlay garage doors have an endless number of design options. These are a few of the most popular. If you don’t see what you are looking for please call and talk to a custom door specialist.

Selecting the perfect wood species will depend on several factors. The most important is to select a species that will hold up well outdoors. More importantly a species that holds up to your areas weather conditions. A couple of the most popular species of wood that are well known to hold up well out doors are as follows.

Western Red Cedar. This is by far the most popular type of wood used outdoors. In either the “knotty” form or the clear vertical grain form this species of wood holds up very well outdoors. It has several natural characteristics that allow it to resist rot, mold, and insects when used outdoors.

Mahogany would be next on the list of wood species suitable for out doors. This is a hardwood so it is heavier and more dense than the cedar. Mahogany naturally has oils in its pores giving it many of the same qualities as the cedar. This wood is often used for more of a furniture grade look for a garage door.


Clear Vertical Grain Cedar

Western Red Cedar

“Knotty” Cedar







Call for additional wood specie options.

The texture of the wood can greatly impact the final appearance. It can be the difference between a door that looks like a fine piece of furniture and a door that looks like a weathered barn door. Everybody’s taste is different which is why we offer a variety of texture options.

Smooth – This is will give you a clean smooth finish. Much like a piece of designer furniture. In most cases the wood will be sanded to 150 grit prior to staining and then to 220 during the staining process.

smooth finish

Rough Sawn – This basically means we use the wood exactly how it comes off the saw at the mill. The wood will usually have a rough texture and add a rustic look when stained. The is a popular texture in our carriage house collection.

rough sawn finish

Wire Brushed – This texture gives the appearance that your door has been outdoors for years. The wire brushing technique will remove much of the softer grain of the wood leaving the harder grain behind. This same effect happens to wood with years of wind and sand blowing against it. We just speed up time and give you that look today.

wire brushed finish

The staining process not only gives your door that added depth of color it needs to really pop, it also provides protection for your wood door. When it comes to finishing your wood garage door you want to make your the system you use will offer maximum protection with the flexibility to be renewed. Our proprietary stain was designed specifically for garage doors. It is a renewable finish that is maintained on a yearly basis. When the maintenance coats are done consistently you wood garage door will look like it did the day we installed it for years to come.

Here are some of our most common stain color options.

Natural Oak Stain

Natural Oak


Dark Oak
















Call for additional stain color options

Why Choose Us?

  • Wood overlay construction ensures a door that lasts a lifetime.
  • Proprietary process. No one offers the same quality build and finish techniques.
  • Experience. 15 years designing and manufacturing wood doors.
  • Warranty. Best warranty in the industry.
  • Nationwide shipping available.
satisfaction guaranteed